The joys and frustrations of online teaching (a teacher’s perspective)

How I launched my career from Pangea
January 8, 2018

Teaching online has always been something I’ve wanted to try, so doing this is definitely a bucket list experience for me. When I graduated, it felt logical for everyone to suggest for me to pursue a career in Teaching. I say it felt logical for them to suggest because after all, that’s the first thing that pops into the mind when you think of a degree in English.

"Ever since I joined Pangea, I have met and spoken with so many different people from all over the world.”


It truly helps to enter every class with an open mind and inquisitive nature. Group lessons can be mixed with students from different cities in a particular region or completely random.

One of the joys of teaching online is constantly learning about a new culture or ways of life somewhere in the world. You are always reminded of the wide diversity that exists in our world, which in many cases continues to reflect different aspects of our humanity.

Teaching language can be tricky, especially in cases where you encounter a student who has little or no skill. I remember once I had a class with a middle-aged woman who could not even introduce herself. This is a norm and these moments, you have to get creative and make sure that by the end of the class, the student is able to construct a few basic sentences and understands what they are able to articulate. Often, the student is new to the platform and it becomes a challenge to figure out what teaching style to adapt that can be effective for your objective as the teacher.

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In moments like these, I would try my best to keep my expressions and questions as basic as possible, whilst using a translating tool to carry my student along with me through the topic.


What I enjoy most in my one on one lessons with students is the flexibility.

Sometimes students in one-on-one classes request to have interesting debates or general conversation, they are inquisitive and ask so many questions. It becomes more than a lesson and an opportunity for genuine intellectual growth and self-reflection..

I remember that one element of teaching that was mentioned in the TEFL Training is to always remember that your students are people first, before being a student and that has stuck with me always.

Being an online tutor taught me to be more self-sufficient and resourceful, and that some things are universal, no matter our differing backgrounds.

My experience has continuously offered opportunities for personal development, professional growth and has made me grateful for taking the step to start something this challenging and reap the rewards of discipline and hard work.

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