How I launched my career from Pangea

The joys and frustrations of online teaching (a teacher’s perspective)
January 8, 2018
A day in the life of an online teacher
January 8, 2018

My name is Lindsay. I currently work as an ESL teacher at a Korean school in Wuxi, China. Working at Pangea was all hustle and bustle. In-between teaching GLs and PLs, and doing writing corrections, I earned every cent that I made. It was fun teaching in a virtual classroom for the first time, and being connected to different students from all over the world. Working with some awesome teachers from different walks of life inspired me, and I tried to emulate their various teaching styles.


Working at Pangea, even for a short time, helped me to become a more disciplined and professional teacher. From logging onto my computer until grading my last student of the day, I found a way to stay on task and maximize both my time and effort. I also quickly learned how to deal with any technical glitches on my own within the virtual classroom. Working with so many different learners from around the world ultimately taught me to be more culturally sensitive with my teaching methods.

To my current Pangeans.


To the current Pangeans: always be prepared for each day of lessons. The best way I did this was creating grading and writing correction templates early on and preparing them before I began my first class of the day. Get to know your PL students as much as possible to cater to their learning needs. As for your GL students, try to give each one as many opportunities as possible to practice their speaking skills during the lessons. No matter what happens, do your best to keep your professional mask in place and be courteous to each and every person."

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