Pangea Outsourcing Services

Out straightforward online application process means that you can contact us directly. Please send us your details and required documentation via the form attached and we will get back to you as soon as there is an opening, which happens pretty often.

Application criteria:

We have three minimum requirements; please ensure you meet all the requirements before applying. (Please note that this is not a teach-from-home position. You will be based in the Center.)

  • You MUST have a clear and neutral accent, as you will be teaching foreign nationals and it is essential for their learning to be able to clearly understand their teacher,
  • Have a 3-year Bachelor's degree,
  • Be a South African citizen or have a study permit/work permit that is valid for at least 12 months.

    Application process:

    1.       Complete the online application form (by clicking on the link above)
    2.       Send your CV (maximum 3 page) and cover letter to the correct address below:

    3.       If you meet our application criteria one of our recruitment agents will contact you for a telephonic interview.
    4.       Should you be shortlisted you will be invited for a face to face interview
    5.       If your face to face interview is successful, you will be invited to a 4 day training program. Please be advised that you are required to attend all 4 consecutive days of training
    6.       If you successfully complete your training, a probation contract will be signed

    A few things to note:

    1.       Pangea operates 24 hours a day
    2.       Employees should select to work weekdays or weekends. Weekdays are 5 shifts Monday to Friday and Weekends are one single shift on both Saturday and Sunday.
    3.       Employees can select to work one of 4 shifts (subject to availability)

    • Early day shift (06:00 – 12:30)
    • Late day shift (12:00-18:30)
    • Night shift (18:00 – 00:30)
    • Graveyard shift (00:00 – 7:30)

    4. All employees who are currently studying will only be permitted to work weekend shifts until they complete their studies.
    5. Employees who leave within the first 6 months of employment will be required to repay the training costs invested in them. This is to prevent Pangea from training staff on behalf of other companies.

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    Pangea Outsourcing Services

    We believe that despite its challenges, online teaching to international students is one of the best ‘finishing schools’ life can offer.