A day in the life of an online teacher

How I launched my career from Pangea
January 8, 2018

My name is Tokozani, my students call me "Trish". I joined Pangea towards the end of October, last year. I have to say that this job has it's good and bad days but mostly it's good days. The students are really fun to work with and I've personally had great conversations with them and they make the job a whole lot of fun.

"A day at Pangea comes with its ups and downs. However, I mostly have good days."


Pangea is honestly a great company to work for as everyone is friendly and understanding. Within 3 months of working for Pangea, I was awarded Teacher of the Month for January 2019, which boosted my morale. I now have a TEFL certificate which has opened up great opportunities for me which includes traveling and teaching abroad.


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